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We at First Response are certified and licensed extreme cleaning specialists! We specialize in mould remediation, asbestos abatement, serious odour removal, trauma clean up, bio hazard cleaning, and more.

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With decades of experience and thousands of dollars invested in training and equipment, there is no extreme cleaning problem we cannot handle. Learn more about our discreet and specialized services below or contact us for more information.



We are Eastern Ontario’s extreme cleaning experts and handle all projects discreetly and with compassion.

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Phone: 613-979-2795

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“We would like to extend our appreciation for all the hard work you put into the cleanup. We were very impressed with the removing and disposing of all the paneling and ceiling tiles. You went out of your way to removed items that would have been difficult for us to get rid of. Thank you so much, you came in with a smile and ready to tackle anything in sight.”

Howard Schafer

“The team at First Response is amazing. I couldn’t have gotten anyone better to help me in my time of need. I couldn’t believe how they were able to accomplish in the time they were in my home. I would highly recommend this team to anyone and everyone. Whether your job is small or huge this is the team to contact for quality and exceptional service.”

Michelle Davis

“We had First Response come do a cleaning when we first moved into our home. Richard called me during the cleaning to inform me that they found that there was mould forming on the windows in the downstairs bathroom. I was so impressed by how the First Response team kept me informed throughout the process and continue to use their services.”

Jessica F. Chan

“The work you do and the tasks you take on are amazing. I always know who to call when it’s a bad one! Tina, Richard and the team are the best I’VE EVER seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them!”

Eric, Cosgrove Realty

“You saved my life, and my sanity! Thanks for taking on a job that no one else would!”

Elizabeth, Smith Falls

“We needed to get a home ready for sale. It had been neglected for a couple of years with a basement filled to hoarder level capacity. The entire house reeked of petroleum product! Hazardous materials where left untouched for who knows how long. There was some asbestos tape around duct work to be removed. There was a bit of bathroom mould. That’s not the half of it! The important thing is that First Response handled EVERYTHING! They treated every issue in this house perfectly. The before and after photos are amazing! I would recommend this team to anyone in a similar situation but they do much more than this work! If you need ANY type of hazmat, environmental removal/ cleanup these are the pros! The added bonus is the house sold within 1 week of First Response completing the job!”

Cam D.

“When we received the call from Ottawa Police telling us that Mom had been found dead, and had been there for 7 weeks, you can only imagine the shock it was to us. They recommended your company and I was so shocked at how willing you were to take care of this, and how quickly and expertly you made the house spotless and fresh. All I can say is WOW!! You made a tragic situation a little easier to bear.”


“I have never seen such an organized and dedicated group of cleaners like your Xtreme Team. From the first meeting to moving my Mom to Milton after the horrendous task we hired you to do. You were  so kind to Mom, even when she was difficult. We couldn’t have done it without you, we were ready to give up until you came along!”

Carmina & Family, Oakville

“It was so hard for my Dad to come to grips with his hoarding issue, but your gentle and compassionate approach made this transition so much easier for him. A couple of other companies wouldn’t even touch the house, and yet your team cleaned it up beyond our expectations and made it smell great so we could sell it. Diane and I can’t thank you enough!”

Walter, Orleans

“We want to thank you for taking on this very difficult job. You made a difference in the Wilno Community and have tremendously helped the OPP.”

Amanda, Renfrew OPP

“First Response came in and took control of a difficult bio hazard scene after a murder on our premises. Your professionalism and expertise were so wonderful to see. I was so worried until you showed up. Richard and Bob knew exactly what to do, and handled this with class and ease!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Val, Sutton Place

“The dignity and respect you showed my Mother when cleaning up after Dad’s horrific passing, was so touching and made the healing so much easier. I don’t know how you are able to do this type of work, you guys are a blessing.”

Marlene, Ottawa


First Response has the expertise and equipment you need. Our team specializes in the following areas:

Mould Remediation

Asbestos Abatement

Hoarding Cleanup

Extreme Odour Removal

Trauma Scene and Biohazard Cleanup

Rodent/Animal Feces & Urine Cleaning

Blood Cleanup

Indoor Air Quality Testing/Treatments

Drug Lab/Grow Op Remediation

Speciality Equipment Rentals

Post Renovation (UFP) Cleaning



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