Common Mold Problems in Kingston & Belleville and How to Prevent Them

3 November 2020

mould in house in belleville ontario

Mold and fungus are an essential part of the ecosystem, regardless of how unwanted they are.

And although mold gets a deservedly bad reputation when it comes to mold damage in a home, without mold we wouldn’t have medicine such as penicillin, we wouldn’t have delicacies like blue cheese or even simple things like bread and wine.

Still, mold and fungus used for food and medicine are quite different from those commonly found in homes across Kingston and Belleville.

You don’t want to come across these mold spores in your attic, basement, and washroom. As soon as you notice the first signs of mold  or fungus in your home, your best course of action is to contact your local mold removal experts.

There are, however, some ways to prevent mold from starting or gaining traction in your home.

The Dangers of Mold

mould in house in kingston ontarioThere are well over 100,000 different mold species, some being more dangerous than others.

The most dreaded mold species is known as black mold, and while in some instances it isn’t nearly as hazardous as some believe, in others it’s very much so.

It all depends on your sensitivity to black mold , the amount of mold present and other conditions and circumstances in your Kingston or Belleville home.

What are some ways to detect the presence of mold ?

On the one hand, you might only notice a stale, musty smell inside your home.

On the other, you could experience symptoms such as coughing, eye irritations, runny nose, headache, and more.

You could even develop more severe allergies if you’re exposed to mold .

In these instances, expert mold remediation is critical.

What Causes Moud in Your Home?

mould in house in kingston ontariomold is a natural part of our ecosystem, and it exists both in outdoor and indoor environments.

mold could get inside your Kingston or Belleville home through open windows and doors, the ventilation system, or air conditioner.

Most homes in Kingston and Belleville have some mold inside them. It only becomes a problem when mold levels increase and start impacting your health.

mold grows in warm, moist environments, and can get attached to any type of material – paper, wood, carpet, drywall, tiles, and more. You’ll most likely notice mold in humid basements and attics, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

If you’ve experienced flooding or other water problems in your Kingston or Belleville home, you could notice mold in one room or areas of the house.

Mold Remediation in Kingston and Belleville

mould in house in belleville ontarioRegardless of how frequently you clean your home and what types of cleaning agents you use, you can never accomplish proper, thorough mold removal without professional help.

You might be able to remove the visible mold , but the vast majority of spores are invisible to the human eye.

First Response Cleaning handles professional mold removal in Kingston and Belleville. We perform thorough inspections of your home, testing and analyzing even the most difficult-to-reach areas.

We rely on top-of-the-line tools and equipment to eliminate even the last trace of mold , leaving your home clean and safe for you and your family.

Mold Removal with First Response Cleaning

With years of experience in the industry and rigorously trained technicians, First Response Cleaning can provide you with impeccable mold remediation services in Kingston and Belleville.

Whether you’ve experienced a flood, a burst pipe, or simply have a home that’s susceptible to mold growth, we’ll handle the problem with the utmost care.

Contact us, and ensure that your home is mold -free and safe for all your household members.