Buying A Home? Look Out for Mold!

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Testing indoor air quality is one of the most critical steps you should take when buying a new home.

The air in your desired home could have many pollutants that could potentially endanger your health.

Testing for mold is perhaps the most crucial step in air quality testing, as mold produces mycotoxins that can cause serious health problems.

If the home you’re eyeing has mold and the owner hasn’t done mold remediation, you wouldn’t want to sign the papers before conducting a thorough inspection.

Before you do, check for these tell-tale signs of mold.

The Smell

family moving into new homeMold has a very distinct smell that you can’t help but notice. It smells musty and earthy, kind of like rotten wood.

If the air inside a property is stuffy, with a stale and damp odour, it’s likely that there’s mold somewhere on the property.

You should be on alert for any unpleasant odours within a home, as they could be products of various microbial volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Be wary of pleasant smells as well, such as air fresheners or lit scented candles. They could be masking unwelcome odours, although even they can’t quite cover up the smell of mold.

Water Damage

couple asking about mold in homeIf there was any water damage on the property that hasn’t been properly dealt with, mold has likely started growing in places where moisture remained.

Apart from visible water leaks, look for peeling wallpaper or drywall, water staining, water damage covered up with paint, uneven floors, damaged baseboards, and curling or missing roof shingles.

If your heart is set on buying a home with any of these issues, get in touch with professionals for mold removal and mold remediation first.

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Visible Mold

Checking for visible mold might seem an obvious step, but mold isn’t always easy to detect. It tends to grow in hidden spaces, such as the roof, around the vents, behind water heaters, any other small spaces that you might easily overlook.

So, check every nook and cranny for potential mold, even if you don’t smell it or see any kind of moisture and water damage. Better to be safe than sorry.

Test Your Indoor Air Quality with First Response

family enjoying new homeIf you want to test the indoor air quality in the home you’re thinking about buying and make sure that mold isn’t a factor, First Response is here for you.

First Response is a professional cleaning service that boasts an expert team of professional, experienced, highly-trained, and certified technicians. Indoor air quality is one of our core areas of strength in service.

We provide top-notch indoor air quality testing in Ottawa and across Eastern Ontario, using specialized equipment to detect biological, chemical, and radioactive pollutants. We’re the right choice when it comes to testing for mold.

We can quickly and effectively test the air in your desired home and provide the right air quality treatment depending on the results.

We can also thoroughly inspect the property for signs of mold. If we identify it, our mold remediation services will help you eradicate it completely.

Our number one priority is to help you live in a safe and healthy environment, so leave it to us to handle any problem with utmost care. Contact us today to schedule an inspection for mold with air quality testing.