Common Household Odours & How to Get Rid of Them

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Everybody can expect to spend more time indoors with the forthcoming arrival of winter. Unfortunately, there’s an arsenal of common household odours that can make the indoors almost as unbearable as the cold temperatures outdoors. It’s even worse if you aren’t aware of its source and how to stop it.

Having a clean and fresh-smelling home free of indoor odours is critically important to maintaining an inviting environment that’s pleasurable to live in for your family, friends, and other guests. Nobody likes smelly indoor odours – keep reading to find out the sources of common household odours and the best practices for odour removal.



a man holding his nose because of smelly dog household odours

Pets are the most likely culprit of bad smells in your home. While pet odours are not dangerous to your health, they are certainly irritating and distressful if left to fester. Worse yet, pet smells can be aggravated in winter because of melting snow that gets tracked in after walks – yuck!

Inspect all areas frequented by your critter to determine the source of the odour. If the source is your pet directly the best course of action is to give them a bath. Make sure to get between the pads on their paws to dig out all the dirt. If the smell is coming from their bedding, a spot on the floor where they like to rest, or an area that suffers from frequent accidents, the easiest solution is to wash the area thoroughly with general household cleaning chemicals.


It might be difficult to remove the odour in some cases. For instance, if a dog were to pee or poo on a carpet regularly. Thankfully, all hope is not lost. Professional cleaning services, such as First Response Cleaning, are armed with the right equipment and knowledge to tackle these problems once and for all.



Bedrooms are an unlikely culprit of bad indoor odours despite the fact that we spend a large amount of time in them. The fact we spend a lot of time in them, however, is exactly the reason why they smell so bad!

The bedding is the most likely source of a nasty-smelling bedroom. Grime builds on our skin throughout the day and seeps into the sheets overnight. The odor may be even more potent

if you live in a particularly hot space as sweating is a large contributor to bad indoor odour. Our recommended solution is to wash your bedding (sheets, duvet, pillowcases) once a week. This odor removal routine will not only make your room smell better but you as well!


Unsecured Trash

Household odour causing garbage

Unsecured trash is a very common household odour. Unlike bedding, which is secured in one place, trash is stored differently depending on the setup of your residence. Some homeowners keep their trash inside their garage, some keep it in a shed beside the home, and others simply place it into a garbage chute.

The problem with keeping the garbage in your garage or on the side of your home is that the smell can penetrate windows and doors if not properly secured. Make sure to tightly tie all your garbage bags and dispose of them in an environment outside of the sun and away from the reach of wild animals.

While the garbage is building up inside we recommend you prevent the smell by investing in a reputable garbage can with a lid that seals. Keeping an open-topped bin at home will only make indoor odours worse.


Efficient and Professional Odour Removal in Ottawa

Are you suffering from an indoor odour? Can’t locate the source of the odour or get rid of that nasty stain? Contact First Response Cleaning for more information about how our professional cleaners can free your home from common household odours.

First Response is Ottawa’s cleaning authority. Whether you’re dealing with eye-watering pet odours, a severe trash odour, or anything other unpleasant smells, First Response has the solution you need.