Extreme Cleaning Services: Why You’ll Never Want to Need It … But Might

people in hazmat suit extreme cleaning

Extreme cleaning is a dirty job.

For many, it’s a bit traumatic just thinking about it.

These aspects of extreme cleaning aren’t for the faint of heart. That’s why extreme cleaning is a task that nobody wants to do – and one best handled by professional extreme cleaning servidces.

In this article, we’ll go over extreme cleaning, cover why it’s sometimes an absolute necessity, and explain at which point you might need these services.

What Is Extreme Cleaning?

Extreme cleaning typically refers to a deep, professional cleaning of a home or business following an unattended death, trauma, or murder.

This type of intense cleaning deals with cleaning up and sanitizing the entire premises to such a degree where it appears as if the issue has never occurred. That means removing any bodily fluids, debris and other things that might have been left over.

crime scene needs extreme cleaning

However, extreme cleaning isn’t limited to just deaths. It can apply to drug lab cleanup, as well as cleaning up after a hoarder.

Extreme cleaning deals with cleaning the surface and space and the air in the vicinity, which might be tainted by a selection of pathogens.

What are the dangers associated with extreme cleaning?

When extreme cleaning is required, it’s best to go with the professionals.


Well, there can be many pathogens, diseases and other hazardous materials spread across the scene. Cleaning this on our own – or hiring an untrained, unqualified person or crew to attempt an extreme cleaning endeavour – can be a major health hazard.

Aside from the physical cleanup process, the process itself can be quite traumatic, depending on the specific situation. That’s why the best bet for extreme cleaning in Ottawa, Kingston or across Eastern Ontario is First Response – we’re highly trained and experienced in the extreme cleaning process.

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When Might You Require Extreme Cleaning?

blood on floor extreme cleanupExtreme cleaning services are required when you decide that the cleaning project is too much for you to undertake.

If a trauma scene is involved, a professional approach is all but necessary.

Professional extreme cleaning crews have undergone specific training that allows us to handle these situations, which can be quite traumatizing, dangerous or outright too hard for a non-trained individual to handle.

That becomes especially apparent in crime scene cleanup, which can be quite extensive and complex as well.

Suppose someone you don’t know is the victim. In that case, they could have hepatitis, HIV or one of wide and dangerous selection of other diseases you could catch if you were to come into contact with their bodily fluids – which is why a professional solution is practically mandatory.

person in hazmat suit extreme cleaningIf the victim is known to you, of course, the last thing you’d want to be doing is cleaning the scene yourself.

Extreme odors can also be present in extreme cleaning situations. These aren’t necessarily just unpleasant – they can be quite dangerous as well, and attempting to remove them on your own isn’t a good thing to do. While the miasma theory has been debunked ages ago, there’s a selection of pathogens that can easily be airborne.

Where Do I Get Extreme Cleaning?

If you have the unfortunate need for extreme cleaning in Ottawa, Kingston or across much of Eastern Ontario, your best bet is contacting First Response.

At First Response, we have an established history in extreme cleanup and numerous accreditations and certifications that enable their employees to handle virtually any situation possible.