Heavy Duty Cleaning: Taking Care of Tough & Dangerous Messes

heavy duty cleaning: fire damaged ceiling and walls

Heavy duty cleaning is not something for the faint of heart. Most people feel a sense of dread or nausea surrounding some of the more challenging messes and cleaning tasks presented to them.

Here at First Response, we have a team of qualified, trained and experienced deep cleaning experts who are prepared to help ease the stress of handling those heavy duty cleaning tasks.

We have provided a list of some of the most challenging heavy duty cleaning services to give you a sense of how we can help with all your heavy duty cleaning needs. From biohazard cleaning to air quality treatments and extreme cleaning, we’ve got you covered.

Types of Tough & Dangerous Messes We Clean

As a team of certified heavy duty cleaning experts, we offer a large array of services, offering you peace of mind from stain removal to mold remediation and trauma cleanups. In this article you will see the benefits of hiring professionals to deal with any and all extreme cleaning projects.

Stain and Odour Removal

woman smelling terrible odour in her homeStain and odour removal can be a hard thing to ask for help with. There is a stigma that surrounds bad odours in the home that can make inviting others in feel embarrassing, which is why hiring professionals to handle the clean up is beneficial. At First Response, we believe it’s important that our team is sensitive and non-judgemental to provide a stress-free, reliable cleaning service. Helping you restore your home to its optimal cleanliness is our priority!

A lot of stains and odours we encounter are from pets, so we have tailored our stain removal procedure to ensure any stains, organic or inorganic are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Hoarding Cleanup

Among some of the toughest messes to clean is a home that’s been cluttered as a result of hoarding disorder. As things get severe, homes that are subject to severe hoarding can quickly result in health hazards, let alone the immense amounts of clutter that can accumulate.

If you, or someone you know is looking for professional hoarding cleanup services, reach out to see how First Response can help.

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Disaster Restoration

water damage on ceiling from floodWhen disaster strikes your home, it can be extremely discouraging and stressful trying to preserve as much as possible from your home. If you don’t have the proper tools and knowledge to execute such a task, it can also be extremely dangerous. In some cases, disaster restoration services can include mold remediation, extreme cleaning and a vast array of other services.

Our team of professionals has the proper tools and safety practices in place to ensure the restoration of your home and your memories are done as safely. Finding your footing after a natural disaster can be made that much easier with the help of First Response. Whether it’s water damage from an appliance, a flood, or fire, we’re always here to help you and your loved ones.

Trauma/Suicide Cleaning

When it comes to trauma and suicide clean up, it is absolutely necessary to hire a professional. If you are not properly trained for such a situation, the effects on your mental and physical health can be detrimental.

Not to mention if you don’t have the proper tools to execute such a task it can be incredibly difficult, and you can potentially make the situation more challenging than it already is.

Take the safe route. Our team of professionals are trained in how to handle these cases in a timely and sensitive manner, and they have the training and resources available to them to protect themselves through the process, relieving you of this unimaginable scenario.

First Response – Your Discreet, Professional Deep Cleaning Experts

Here at First Response, we recognize the importance of keeping your toughest moments private, and will work with you to ensure total discretion is provided.

From stain and odour removal in an unkempt home to cleaning a space after a traumatic event has occurred, our team of trained specialists is equipped to handle any and all heavy duty cleaning situations so you don’t have to.

Protect your physical and mental health. Contact us now to restore your space and return to a sense of normalcy in your day to day life.