How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell in Your Home

Cat Sleeping on the Floor

Cats are excellent, lovable pets, and many people in Ottawa and around Eastern Ontario love having a cat (or two… or more) in their home.

But what happens when kitty does its business on the carpet or the mattress?

Cat urine has a particularly unique and dominant smell that seems very hard to get rid of.

These unwanted odors It can linger in the entire room if not cleaned properly. Here are a few useful tips that will help you do exactly that.

1. Removing Cat Urine Smell In General

If you realize that your cat peed somewhere it shouldn’t have, start the cleanup by thoroughly cleaning the urine as soon as you smell it.

Act fast! The longer it stays intact – the worse it smells.

cat urinating in houseUse a few paper towels and some cold water to soak up the urine.

You can also use an enzyme-based pet stain product to treat the spot in question. These enzymes are excellent as they break down the acid in the urine and kill all bacteria. Once you’ve poured the enzyme solution over the area, place a wet towel over it and leave it overnight. The indoor air quality should improve by tomorrow morning.

2. Removing Cat Urine Smell From Carpets

Removing the smell of cat urine from a carpet is similar to what we’ve described above, but you have to take a few more steps to remove the odor altogether.

After you left the towel over the area overnight, vacuum the area thoroughly.

Remember to avoid using steam cleaners as heat will activate the odor again.

When you’re done with the vacuum, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet’s urinated area to remove all urine.

Vacuum the carpet after a few hours, and the smell will have disappeared.

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3. Removing Cat Urine Smell From Wooden Flooring

cat urinating in houseWooden floors present a set of unique challenges when it comes to removing the smell of cat urine.

The best option is to get a special wooden floor cleaner designed to remove pet odors.

However, if your floors aren’t sealed, you will need some extra help.

Pour white vinegar over the area and wait a few minutes until it settles. Use a paper towel to gently blot the floor and get a sponge with some more vinegar on it. Scrub the floor gently, and rinse it with water when you’re done. Use more paper towels to soak up everything from the floor and finish up with an enzymatic cleaner.

If the smell stays, contact our Ottawa cleaning company for expert guidance.

4. Removing Cat Urine Smell From Clothing

cat urinating in houseIn some rare situations, cats can confuse a heap of clothes with cat litter (“Oh no!”).

Since the smell is very aggressive, you might think that throwing those clothes in a washing machine will fix things right away.

Instead, rinse the affected area with cold water and blot it with paper towels.

Don’t scrub, as that will push the urine deeper into the fabric. Place the clothes in a sink and add some oxygen bleach. Leave it there for a few hours. After that, place the clothes in a 1-to-3 mix of vinegar and water, and add some baking soda. Wait for around 15 minutes and place your clothes into the washing machine.

The Bottom Line

If you can still detect the odor of cat urine after attempts at a DIY cleanup, contact First Response.

Our indoor air quality experts will help you find all areas with cat urine you didn’t even know were there – and work tirelessly to eliminate the cat smells.

Contact us today to get your free, no-obligation quote on cat urine odor removal in Ottawa and surrounding areas.