The Importance of Viral Decontamination in 2021

cleaner performing viral decontamination

In these strange and unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever to take necessary steps to stay safe and keep your environment clean. 

News and facts regarding COVID-19 are constantly changing as we learn more about the virus and the many variants that are circulating the globe. However, one thing is certain, we need to be constantly diligent not just in washing our hands, but also our homes and workspaces.

Certain guidelines have been developed by governmental and regulatory bodies to make sure proper cleaning is carried out to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

But what about when an infection or outbreak is present in your home or business, and you need to thoroughly decontaminate disinfect the premises the make them safe for use again? That’s when professional viral decontamination services are called for.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Viral Decontamination Company

The term “cleaning” has a new meaning now that the world has been introduced to the coronavirus. 

If you have experienced a viral contamination in your home or place of business, either through a single infection, or a full-blown outbreak, then hiring an experienced, professional cleaning team for a viral decontamination cleaning is the best solution to properly remedy the issue. 

cleaner performing viral decontaminationNo matter how much time you spend scrubbing and mopping all the surfaces in your home or office, the tools and products you’re using don’t work nearly as well as professional cleaning tools and products do. 

Traditional cleaning tools run the risk of cross-contamination, spreading contaminants to other areas of the space. Not only that, but they are incredibly time-consuming. Areas such as light switches, door handles, bathroom and kitchen sinks are hotspots for bacteria and viruses to rapidly build up and spread, since they see frequent use by any number of people. Covering all of these areas and elsewhere in the space with traditional cleaning tools could take hours, and without the expertise of a professional cleaner who is proficient in viral decontamination, some spots could easily be missed, leaving the potential for an outbreak to worsen.

One thing that people often forget to do when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, is cleaning or replacing the tools that they use. This is an easy way to spread contaminants to other surfaces as these tools get reused over and over again. A professional viral decontamination company will make sure that the tools they use are clean and free of contaminants before using them to disinfect any surface.

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Professional cleaning tools, such as the electrostatic sprayer, ensure that all the nooks and crannies will be disinfected in a quick and efficient manner. An electrostatic sprayer applies a small electrical charge to any disinfecting solution as it passes through the nozzle. This charge allows the disinfecting solution to adhere to surfaces more easily an allow it to work its magic on any viral or bacterial contaminants that are on the surface. That’s why this tool is our weapon of choice for our coronavirus & viral decontamination services.

Although professional disinfectants are strong and aggressive, as they should be to effectively disinfect any contaminants that are present, there’s no need to worry. These products are completely safe for people and pets. In addition to that, no harmful chemicals are used, making the disinfectants environmentally friendly. 

This method of cleaning not only puts an end to the risks of spreading bacteria and viruses but also helps with allergies and asthma. By eliminating germs and bacteria from a room, the air becomes cleaner, making it easier to breathe. 

Our Viral Decontamination Process

cleaner performing viral decontaminationAn effective viral decontamination process should be simple and efficient, but thorough. 

First things first, a site visit is conducted, followed by a no-obligation estimate for a viral decontamination service.

Once a date and time are determined, you’ll receive instructions on what to do before the appointment. Such instructions would include vacating the area, when it’s safe to come back, and how to safely prepare the space for the viral decontamination service. 

When everything is ready, our job begins. We’ll conduct a thorough decontamination on all the surfaces, eliminating the presence of any viruses and bacteria. This will prevent the risk of infection later on. Finally, the air and high-touch surfaces are tested to ensure that any germs and bacteria are eliminated. If there is any contaminants detected in the air or on surfaces, then we get right back to work to remove them.

For homes, retail locations, offices and other businesses, First Response is the trusted choice for COVID-19 decontamination in Ottawa and Kingston. Our cleaning staff holds a number of certifications that demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in viral decontamination cleaning.

Viral Decontamination in Ottawa 

cleaner performing viral decontaminationHave you or anyone you’ve been in contact with contracted the coronavirus, or some other illness?

No need to worry, First Response Ottawa is here to help you ensure that any space that has been contaminated will be treated and disinfected. We will meet all of your viral decontamination needs!

Here at First Response, we are trained and well-equipped to handle COVID-19 outbreaks, bacterial infestations and other viral contaminations, whether it’s in a home, business or commercial space.  

Get in touch with us today and get a free quote for coronavirus & viral decontamination services in Ottawa and Kingston.