When To Rent Heavy-Duty Cleaning Equipment

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With the rise of the Covid-19 virus, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your home, office, or business is not only clean but also completely germ-free.

New cleaning technologies are being invented, each with its own uses and advantages. Many people choose not to conduct a thorough deep-cleaning because of the time and effort it takes to complete it. However, new cleaning technologies, such as the pressure washers and steam cleaners, make it up to ten times faster and easier to clean.

Whether you need heavy-duty cleaning equipment for your home or for commercial purposes, First Response is here to help.

Types of Heavy-Duty Cleaning Equipment

scrubbing floor with heavy machineryThere are a variety of industrial cleaning machines, all of them serving different cleaning requirements.

The most common industrial cleaning machine is the pressure washer since it can be used for a diverse range of applications. Pressure washers successfully clean hard-to-clean surfaces such as brickwork, vehicles, and tiles. This machine blasts a powerful stream of water onto the area you want to be cleaned and forcefully removes the dirt and grime quickly. The water used can be either hot or cold, and sometimes a cleaning solution is added to the water to help with the cleaning process.

Steam cleaners are used to either sanitize an area or perform a deeper cleaning of a surface. This type of cleaner is mostly chemical-free and uses hot steam to clean the area desired. Unlike other cleaning equipment, steam cleaners do not leave any water residue behind, so there’s no danger of slipping or leaving unattractive streak marks.

Floor sweepers can be used for both commercial and personal use since they come in different shapes and sizes. These cleaners provide a more polished look to a surface by using a cyclical system of brushes against the floor to get rid of dirt with speed and precision. Floor sweepers do not use water to clean surfaces but simply rely on the pressure placed on the ground by the brushes to remove the dirt and grime.

The last type of heavy-duty cleaning equipment is a machine you’re probably familiar with. You may have seen these huge machines in grocery stores or pharmacies and they’re called scrubber dryers. Similar to the floor sweepers, scrubber dryers use water and a cleaning solution to cleanse a surface. After the water is applied and the brushes are used, a squeegee puts pressure on the ground to dry it quickly.

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Advantages of Using Heavy Duty Cleaning Equipment

deep cleaning fabric of sofaAt first glance, it seems that using regular cleaning equipment such as brooms and mops is a smart way to save money.

Depending on the size of the area that needs cleaning, it may be more time and cost-efficient to use commercial cleaning equipment than manual equipment. Using commercial cleaning equipment to remove dirt and grime would take a small fraction of the time it would take mops to do the same job.

Mops and brooms do not clean the surface as efficiently since they’re more likely to spread germs rather than remove them. The more you clean with a mop and bucket, the dirtier the water will get, and that water will be reused to clean the rest of the floor, so you’d be moving germs from one area to another. With a broom, you’re basically throwing dust and debris into the air, which is counter-productive.

steam cleaning carpetsRenting heavy-duty cleaning equipment to clean commercial spaces reduces labour costs by cutting the time workers need to clean by more than a half. A mop and bucket could clean 4,000 to 5,000 square feet in an hour, whereas a floor sweeper or scrubber dryer cleans 13,000 square feet in an hour.

Cleaning machines are also more eco-friendly than manual cleaning equipment because they use minimal water and in most cases do not require the use of chemicals to effectively clean surfaces.

Renting Professional-Grade Cleaning Equipment in Ottawa

Whether you’re looking to clean commercial or residential spaces, our deep cleaning equipment can handle any job.

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