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Ottawa Asbestos Removal

First Response is always practicing the latest laws and regulations for asbestos removal. When it comes to asbestos, our team makes the safety and security of our clients top priority by following thorough asbestos removal procedures and quality assurance. There are many facets to the handling of asbestos that present themselves when dealing with asbestos abatement. This becomes even more complicated when asbestos and asbestos containing materials are exposed or disturbed as a result of mishap or disaster. Our technicians will assess the risk, select the most appropriate method of managing the problem, and perform the abatement operation.

“We would like to extend our appreciation for all the hard work you put into the cleanup. We were very impressed with the removing and disposing of all the paneling and ceiling tiles. You went out of your way to removed items that would have been difficult for us to get rid of. Thank you so much, you came in with a smile and ready to tackle anything in sight.”

Howard Schafer

“The team at First Response is amazing. I couldn’t have gotten anyone better to help me in my time of need. I couldn’t believe how they were able to accomplish in the time they were in my home. I would highly recommend this team to anyone and everyone. Whether your job is small or huge this is the team to contact for quality and exceptional service.”

Michelle Davis

“We had First Response come do a cleaning when we first moved into our home. Richard called me during the cleaning to inform me that they found that there was mold forming on the windows in the downstairs bathroom. I was so impressed by how the First Response team kept me informed throughout the process and continue to use their services.”

Jessica F. Chan

Asbestos Testing In Ottawa

Unfortunately, you can’t identify objects that may contain asbestos simply by looking at them. The only way to truly confirm the presence of asbestos is to take several samples of the material and have it tested by an accredited asbestos abatement company. If you suspect asbestos may be somewhere in your home, the safest approach is to treat the material as if it does contain asbestos and call us immediately.

Why Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos was a popular building material because of its durability, and the fact that it’s a naturally occurring mineral with many useful applications in the industrial and construction industries. Asbestos has been used as a general insulation for pipes, boilers, tanks, ducts and is a carcinogen when it degrades and becomes airborne. During building renovations, expansions or demolitions, this material becomes an airborne carcinogen and a danger to anyone in the vicinity. Extensive studies have shown how these materials can be linked to a variety of diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and more.

Man in a white hazmat suit

Why Choose First Response?

By nature, the removal and abatement of asbestos is disruptive. Accurate scheduling and exceptional resources are required to ensure minimal downtime. First Response understands that time is money. Completion schedules and timelines are taken seriously but safety is never compromised.


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