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Our Disaster
Restoration Services

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on your beautiful space. Water, fire, wind and mold can all lead to serious damage in commercial and residential spaces. At First Response we are expertly trained to restore any space that has been affected by a natural disaster. Creating a safe and beautiful space for you to live in again.

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Mold grows out of control in an Ottawa basement after flooding

Types of
Disaster Restoration

At First Response we cover several different types of disaster restoration in Ottawa. We handle full fire restoration & smoke damage. We also restore commercial & residential spaces affected by serious flood and water damage. Our trained and experienced restoration team will assess and complete all flood restoration in your home, returning it to its original state.


Why Choose First Response

We also offer expert mould & asbestos removal that can occur from water damage, fires or floods and can become extremely toxic for its residents. Smoke damage and fire damage can become a large health risk to you and your loved ones, if not addressed immediately.

First Response believes the restoration of your home should be an easy, worry-free process.  If your home has suffered from a disaster, contact the First Response team for restoration today and restore your home to its original state.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have experienced a fire and have extensive smoke damage, you might be wondering if it will be possible to clean. In most cases, the answer is yes however it requires a deep clean. Smoke damage is serious and can be harmful to the occupants of a building however First Response Cleaning is experienced in cleaning smoke damage. We use state-of-the-art equipment to restore your smoke-damaged home. If you are unsure as to whether or not the smoke damage in your home can be cleaned, contact us today.
Smoke can affect a wide variety of materials in many different ways. On top of the temperature damage caused by the fire, smoke can cause significant damage. Due to the ultra fine size of smoke particles, they can travel into small cracks, and crevices. While these particles might be too small to see, you will definitely smell them and they pose a hazard to your health. Smoke will also get trapped in fabrics such as upholstery, bedding, curtains, and more.
In the event of a small basement flood, you might be able to clean it yourself if you act quickly and follow these steps:

  1. Remove the water
  2. Remove your belongings
  3. Start cleaning
  4. Start drying
  5. Inspect for mould

If your basement flood is larger and these steps seem daunting for you to take on by yourself, contact us today to see how we can help.

If you only had a very small fire in a small room in your home, you might be able to manage the cleanup yourself. If you had a medium to large sized fire in your home or office building, you run the risk of exposing you, your family, or your employees to dangerous air pollutants and contaminants. Soot is hazardous to breathe and mold is often found in the area due to the water being used to put out the fire. Conditions such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, eye irritation, or more might arise. If you are unsure what to do, don’t risk it and contact us today.
After a fire, many toxic materials are present at the scene. In older buildings dating from the 1950s-1980s, asbestos fibres are likely in the area, putting you at risk for mesothelioma (cancer). Other dangerous materials such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxine, and tar are commonly found in areas after a fire. If PVC was burned during the fire, hydrogen chloride, dioxin, chloromethane, bromomethane, halocarbons, may be present. It is also not uncommon to find sulfurs which are detrimental to your health and smell bad. Just wood smoke alone releases over 100 chemicals also found in cigarette smoke. Don’t take any risks and make sure any fire damage is properly cleaned.

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First Response is Ottawa’s extreme deep cleaning service. We are IICRC and ABRA certified crime scene cleaning specialists and have the experience, expertise and equipment you need.

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