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What is Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding disorder is when people excessively save items that others may view as worthless. They have great difficulty getting rid of or separating themselves from possessions, leading to clutter that disrupts their ability to use their living spaces, leads to dangerous living environments and often, leads to or complicates serious health issues. Hoarding differs from collecting as “collectors” look for specific items, like coins or trinkets and proudly display them. People with hoarding disorder often store items haphazardly and even dangerously. Hoarding disorder occurs in an estimated 2 to 6 percent of the general population and often leads to distress and problems functioning.

A person with hoarding disorder displays 3 characteristics:

  • Acquisition – Compulsive buying, collecting, garbage picking, garbage saving

  • Inability to Throw Away – Save everything and anything

  • Organization/Clutter – Lack of ability to organize no matter how much they try and often pay close attention to unusual details such as how beautiful an old bottle cap can be.

“We would like to extend our appreciation for all the hard work you put into the cleanup. We were very impressed with the removing and disposing of all the paneling and ceiling tiles. You went out of your way to removed items that would have been difficult for us to get rid of. Thank you so much, you came in with a smile and ready to tackle anything in sight.”

Howard Schafer

“The team at First Response is amazing. I couldn’t have gotten anyone better to help me in my time of need. I couldn’t believe how they were able to accomplish in the time they were in my home. I would highly recommend this team to anyone and everyone. Whether your job is small or huge this is the team to contact for quality and exceptional service.”

Michelle Davis

“We had First Response come do a cleaning when we first moved into our home. Richard called me during the cleaning to inform me that they found that there was mold forming on the windows in the downstairs bathroom. I was so impressed by how the First Response team kept me informed throughout the process and continue to use their services.”

Jessica F. Chan

How to Help?

Hoarding disorder’s complexities require professional intervention, not just “junk-removal”. First Response is Ontario’s most experienced and complete hoarding disorder remediation firm. First Response’s dedicated hoarding professionals work to address the numerous complexities and seek to provide hoarding solutions with integrity, discretion and ethics at top of mind. These commitments have made us industry leaders and allowed us to partner with the Lanark County Hoarding Coalition and CMHA Champlain East in their pilot programs to help prevent homelessness due to hoarding disorder. The process starts with a professional, consultative meeting to assess the condition of the structure and work to create a project plan that deals with clutter, garbage and the biohazards that often exist in hoarding situations. Working with the interested parties to achieve mutually agreed upon goals allows First Response to solve hoarding problems with the least amount of stress and additional trauma.
If you, a family member or a friend are struggling with a hoarding situation, speak with one of our experts today.

Why Choose First Response?

Our professionally trained team can deal with any hoarding scenario and understands the sensitivity that is needed. We put the well-being of our clients at the forefront of all our hoarding cleanup jobs in Ottawa.


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