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Post Renovation (UFP) Cleaning

You’ve just finished that bathroom, kitchen, flooring or basement renovation. Now, what do you do about all that dust?! Post renovation cleaning is intensive and necessary to ensure your home is safe and livable again! Post renovation cleaning is VERY different from regular house cleaning and requires expertise and special equipment to achieve quality results. Hiring a firm that specializes in post renovation and fine particulate cleaning will ensure your home is thoroughly and properly cleaned, post renovation.
During a renovation, visible, and microscopic dust will get everywhere and get into everything. Post renovation dust can contain potentially dangerous compounds, such as silica and other irritants and continually breathing in dust particles can lead to a number of health issues. These issues are not something the standard cleaning company or maid service can address.

“We would like to extend our appreciation for all the hard work you put into the cleanup. We were very impressed with the removing and disposing of all the paneling and ceiling tiles. You went out of your way to removed items that would have been difficult for us to get rid of. Thank you so much, you came in with a smile and ready to tackle anything in sight.”

Howard Schafer

“The team at First Response is amazing. I couldn’t have gotten anyone better to help me in my time of need. I couldn’t believe how they were able to accomplish in the time they were in my home. I would highly recommend this team to anyone and everyone. Whether your job is small or huge this is the team to contact for quality and exceptional service.”

Michelle Davis

“We had First Response come do a cleaning when we first moved into our home. Richard called me during the cleaning to inform me that they found that there was mold forming on the windows in the downstairs bathroom. I was so impressed by how the First Response team kept me informed throughout the process and continue to use their services.”

Jessica F. Chan

Our Cleaning Process

A First Response, “ultra fine particulate” (UFP) cleaning, will address and remove the dust you can see and the potentially dangerous particulate matter (PM2.5) you can’t see. Our UFP cleaning process has been crafted from our knowledge, experience and numerous professional certifications to give your home, business or cottage the very best clean there is. Period.
Our exclusive post renovation/UFP cleaning process involves temporarily installing specialty, HEPA certified air filtration devices to remove airborne dust, allergens, particles and even odours from the air. Then, our specialized team will vacuum all accessible areas, using certified, abatement grade, HEPA vacuums designed for the restoration industry. All hard surfaces are wiped down, windows and tracks cleaned (even the hard to reach ones) and kitchens and washrooms get a deep cleaning including the application of authentically botanical, hospital grade, Health Canada registered sanitizer/disinfectant. Carpets are deep cleaned in accordance with the IICRC S100 Standard for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings, by using our industry exclusive 7-step carpet cleaning process. We can even address your ducts, vents and furnace cleaning needs to get rid of any dust that accumulates there.
Contact Us to speak with one of our post renovation cleaning specialists to discuss your renovation and book your post renovation cleaning today!

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Why Choose First Response?

Our professionally trained team can deal with any odour scenario and understands the sensitivity that is needed. We put the well-being of our clients at the forefront of all our odour cleanup jobs in Ottawa.


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