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Ottawa Trauma Cleanup

We regularly walk directly into environments that most people would be naturally predisposed to run from. Jobs that nobody ought to be expected to do, we tackle with prompt professionalism. More than this, we act with the sensitivity our clients deserve during what can often be the most traumatic time of their life. For most, times like this are more than can be dealt with. For us, it is our every day.

“We would like to extend our appreciation for all the hard work you put into the cleanup. We were very impressed with the removing and disposing of all the paneling and ceiling tiles. You went out of your way to removed items that would have been difficult for us to get rid of. Thank you so much, you came in with a smile and ready to tackle anything in sight.”

Howard Schafer

“The team at First Response is amazing. I couldn’t have gotten anyone better to help me in my time of need. I couldn’t believe how they were able to accomplish in the time they were in my home. I would highly recommend this team to anyone and everyone. Whether your job is small or huge this is the team to contact for quality and exceptional service.”

Michelle Davis

“We had First Response come do a cleaning when we first moved into our home. Richard called me during the cleaning to inform me that they found that there was mold forming on the windows in the downstairs bathroom. I was so impressed by how the First Response team kept me informed throughout the process and continue to use their services.”

Jessica F. Chan

Our Trauma Cleaning Process

Clean, Disinfect, Deodorize, Dispose.

No matter the problem, First Response will return any scene to its original condition. Leveraging hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of training and equipment as well as decades of collective experience, there is no scene of trauma that is beyond our capacity to remove. Our trauma cleanup team has received extensive training and certifications, ensuring we are the best choice for the job.

We put our customers well-being first, by providing a quick, professional, worry-free trauma cleaning. We understand how difficult this time is for you and will do everything we can to help bear the burden you are feeling. If you have a trauma scene that needs cleaning, you can depend on the First Response team to get the job done.

Ottawa’s Trauma Cleaning Team

Our repeated experience in traumatic environments has given us a comprehensive understanding of how difficult it can be. Our years in the business have provided us the knowledge and experience necessary to make this time as easy as it possibly can be for you. For most, times like this are beyond our breaking points, but for us they are just another day.

Our professionally trained team can handle any trauma scenario and is equipped to handle any job. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality results, with the least amount of stress. The First Response team is here to help you through this difficult time, every step of the way. Find your way back to peace by calling First Response; what you cannot handle, we will endure.

Two men in yellow and white hazmat suits clean up a house
Crime Scene Do Not Cross Yellow Tape
Man in a white hazmat suit after decontaminating a building

Why Choose First Response?

We strive on providing our customers with the best service possible, helping to reduce stress during this extremely difficult and sensitive time. Our team is trained to handle all trauma cleanups in Ottawa with respect and professionalism.


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