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Mould Remediation

Our mould removal process begins with a mould inspection, allowing us to identify all the factors contributing to the growth of mould in your home. If you can see or smell mould, chances are what you’re aware of is only a fraction of the real problem. Our team will inspect the entire area where mould could be hiding, to find every possible infected area. Once this information is gathered, we will use it to create a tailored and specific combination of tools and techniques for your particular situation. This plan will be executed during the mould removal process, eradicating the mould completely. The first step to be taken it to contact the First Response team to complete a full mould inspection, ensuring all mould is accounted for and eliminated during the removal process.


Asbestos Abatement

First Response is always practicing the latest laws and regulations for asbestos removal. When it comes to asbestos, our team makes the safety and security of our clients top priority by following thorough asbestos removal procedures and quality assurance. There are many facets to the handling of asbestos that present themselves when dealing with asbestos abatement. This becomes even more complicated when asbestos and asbestos containing materials are exposed or disturbed as a result of mishap or disaster. Our technicians will assess the risk, select the most appropriate method of managing the problem, and perform the abatement operation.


Hoarding Cleanup

When there is a job you can’t do yourself, and wouldn’t want to ask anyone else to do, where do you turn? Often this is the situation those in need of Ottawa hoarding cleanup find themselves in. Fortunately, dealing with jobs such as these is exactly why First Response exists. When you have decades of clutter and mess, you can rest easy knowing we have the knowledge, experience, and training to deal with the realities of hoarding cleanup in Ottawa, and the ability to gladly take the burden off your hands.


Extreme Odour Removal

Cigarettes. Mould. Pets. Urine. Pests.

There are a thousand different reasons that your Ottawa home may have a bad odour and is in need of odour removal, and none of them are worth ignoring. Odours from pets and their urine are one of the main causes of lasting household odour. Finding the source of pet urine can be difficult, which is where our expert team comes into play.


Trauma Scene and Bio Hazard Cleanup

We regularly walk directly into environments that most people would be naturally predisposed to run from. Jobs that nobody ought to be expected to do, we tackle with prompt professionalism. We act with the sensitivity our clients deserve during what can often be the most traumatic time of their life. For most, times like this are more than can be dealt with. For us, it is our every day.


Rodent/Animal Feces & Urine Cleaning

We demonstrate extreme care in dealing with Rodent/Animal Feces & Urine clean up. First Response takes the required steps to ensure that animal excrement and urine is securely contained and removed from your home. Animal droppings and urine pose serious health risks to humans and contain harmful bacteria that could seriously impact your health. At the first sight of animal droppings or urine, you should isolate yourself from that area of your home and contact cleaning experts immediately. First Response has the equipment necessary to deal with these encounters and will work swiftly to ensure your home is bacteria free and safe to live in.

Blood Cleanup

Blood is an intricate and delicate substance that is extremely difficult to sufficiently remove from materials. First Response has trained staff that understand the correct ways to remove blood from all basic materials found in your house and more advanced materials found elsewhere. Blood, if left untreated, can spread harmful bacteria to families which can impact health and living conditions. Our team of trained cleanup professionals will ensure blood has been removed in an efficient manner so that it doesn’t negatively impact your quality of living.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Treatments

Indoor air quality, or IAQ, refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, with a focus on how it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Whether you live in an apartment, townhome or single family home, an old home or newly built home, understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns that may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later.


Drug Lab/Grow Op Remediation

First Response is one of Ontario’s only firms to offer trained, certified and experienced methamphetamine and fentanyl decontamination technicians. “Meth” (methamphetamine), “MDMA/Ecstasy” (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), “MDA” (methylenedioxyamphetamine), Fentanyl and Carfentanil are an increasing problem in Canada and creation of these substances involves using a variety of chemicals and manufacturing processes including combining the substances with other illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine. Clandestine labs can be housed in a variety of structures including private dwellings, town homes, apartments, motels, vehicles and non-residential buildings. Removal of dangerous substances and particulate matter requires professional assistance. Our specialist will conduct an assessment, take samples and create a detailed remediation plan using specialty procedures, equipment and products. The premises will be thoroughly cleaned and all systems decontaminated in order to eliminate health risks to contractors, first responders and re-occupants from exposure to residual chemicals or drugs.


Specialty Equipment Rentals

Looking for professional grade, top quality equipment to make you life easier? We can help! Our team of experts will discuss your project with you and make recommendations for the right equipment for the job. We offer affordable daily, weekly and long-term rental rates and will even deliver the equipment and set it up!


Post Renovation (UFP) Cleaning

Post renovation cleaning is VERY different from regular house cleaning and requires expertise and special equipment to achieve quality results. Hiring a firm that specializes in post renovation and fine particulate cleaning will ensure your home is thoroughly and properly cleaned, post renovation.
A First Response, “ultra fine particulate” (UFP) cleaning, will address and remove the dust you can see and the potentially dangerous particulate matter (PM2.5) you can’t see. Our UFP cleaning process has been crafted from our knowledge, experience and numerous professional certifications to give your home, business or cottage the very best clean there is. Period.



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